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Published: Friday 5th Jul 2019

Written by: Georgia Dawson

Kim Lovick, Senior Guest Services, has kindly written this blog entry about her stay at Sea Horizon in Bacton...

I have lived in Norfolk all my life, and I love our beaches. We are so lucky to have so many beautiful varieties of beach right on our doorstep. Whether you prefer the stunning stretches of sand, beach huts and sand dunes of Wells next the Sea and Holkham, or the cobbles and pier at Cromer we really do have something for everyone. Now I thought I knew all the best beaches to visit in Norfolk, having spent my childhood playing on most of them, and more recently taking my own children for wonderful family beach days. However, it turns out I did not! Last weekend I was introduced to the beach at Bacton, and what a beach it is!

Bacton, Norfolk

I was lucky enough to be offered a stay at one of the newest properties within our portfolio - Sea Horizon. I have worked for Norfolk Cottages for over ten years and I love being able to see our properties, so I was incredibly excited at the opportunity to stay in one. I have two young children who both love the beach, and as luck would have it we were blessed with a beautifully sunny weekend so we could not wait to get started.

Arriving into Bacton I was pleasantly surprised at the local amenities; there is large well stocked village shop, a pub, a (fantastic!) fish and chip shop, and some great little cafes. We pulled up at the property and into the large driveway, there was just the four of us in one car but there would be no issue at all fitting three cars in the driveway and the roads surrounding the property are not restricted either, so ample parking. Entering the bungalow into the hall you can immediately see how spacious and light filled the rooms are. The property is clean and airy with four bedrooms, an en suite, huge family bathroom, large kitchen/diner, living room and a beautiful spacious conservatory. The kids ran off to find their bedroom and my fiancé Simon and I made the most of the lovely welcome pack by popping the kettle on for a cup of tea (and a biscuit!)

After a little look around the property, we opened up the double doors of the conservatory and stepped out into the amazing garden. With three lovely seating areas we were spoilt for choice as to wear to sit and drink our tea! The children immediately ran to the end of the garden and stood staring in awe at how close we were to the sea, they were itching to get out onto the sand but with the bribe of an Oreo we managed to get them to have a play in the lovely lawned garden instead whilst we enjoyed our cuppa. The beach and sea were exceptionally clean and really quiet, with only one or two dog walkers to be seen, so we all sat and enjoyed the sound of the waves crashing and sea gulls cooing.

Sea Horizon

After much nagging from the children we finally walked down the small slope onto the beach, the sea was almost fully in at this point so we walked along the sand (which amazingly has next to no stones!) dipping our toes in the sea and watching a couple of Labradors playing ball with their owner. A while later the lure of Fish and Chips was too much and so we made the thirty second walk back up the slope and into the garden. Whilst Simon went out to collect the chips, the children and I laid the large garden table with plates and condiments, the wooden table with 6 chairs sits in a lovely little sun trap and was a delightful spot to enjoy our food al fresco, there is also another table with four chairs tucked around the corner in a nice shaded spot if you fancy something a little more secluded.

Bacton, Norfolk

After dinner the children were exhausted so after a quick shower in the spacious bathroom they hopped into the lovely comfy beds, after a couple of bedtime stories the sea air did  its job and they were both peacefully snoozing away. Simon and I then took a stroll down the garden and enjoyed the lovely view of the sea from the two seater bench positioned in the perfect spot at the end of the garden overlooking the sea. By this point there was no one on the beach at all, we sat with a glass of chilled prosecco and just enjoyed the unrivalled view. Perfection!

The next day, amazingly the children had a lie in, now this NEVER happens at home so once again I am putting it down to the wonderful sea air! I managed to duck outside for a cup of tea in the morning sunshine before they woke which was just glorious! After a quick breakfast al fresco we started to gather up our things ready for a full day on the beach, we had a quick look in the garage and the children were delighted to find all sorts of buckets, spades, nets, and crabbing equipment! We loaded ourselves up and made the short walk onto the beach. We set ourselves up for the day at the bottom of the slope in the blazing sunshine, before I knew it the children were in their swimsuits hopping in and out of the sea, building sand castles and playing catch. Two great things about the beach at Bacton are the lack of stones, we were all barefoot and there was no annoying stony bit to have to navigate to get to the sea, just beautiful soft sand! The sea also doesn’t go too far out either so we were able to set up comfortably on the sand, and easily watch the children paddle safely.

I am sure any parent will agree with me that one of the most frustrating things about being on the beach with young children is the anticipation of ‘Mum.. I need a wee!’ Fortunately, whilst staying at Sea Horizon this is not an issue, a quick scoot up the ramp and you’re back at the property. Due to the close proximity of the house we decided to pop back up to the garden to enjoy our picnic lunch (nobody likes a sandy sandwich!) and then headed back down onto the beach to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. I was amazed at how quiet the beach was, anyone who knows the main beaches in Norfolk will know that they get rather busy but we were there all day, the weather was beautiful (24 degrees and sunny) and we had a huge stretch of beach all to ourselves.

Soon it was time for us to leave, the children were disappointed to say goodbye to ‘the beach house’ but completely shattered and probably ready for their own beds! I would truly recommend Sea Horizon for a family beach holiday, it’s the perfect property for families, if you were looking for a week by the sea then this would be absolutely perfect, not only is Bacton itself a lovely quiet spot to visit, with an exquisite beach, you are also so close to lots of other fantastic places to visit within Norfolk. We are all in agreement that we will most definitely be spending our next beach day at Bacton, I cannot wait to visit again and make some more wonderful memories.

Georgia Dawson
Georgia Dawson


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