Safety First

Looking after the health and safety of our guests has always been paramount. In response to Covid-19, we have made some essential changes to help ensure your well-earned holiday remains safe:


New cleaning guidelines

Our cleaning procedures have been reviewed and improved by a dedicated team, with new guidelines provided to our homeowners and housekeepers. These have been checked and refined by a clinician and two public health consultants, who are experts in their field, so you can relax in the knowledge that our approach is sound.

Within the new guidance, particular attention is now paid to high contact areas, such as light switches and door handles. The use of surface disinfectants, which kill the virus, have been extended to these areas of our properties.


Protecting our teams

In addition to providing updated safety guidance, we have equipped our housekeepers, maintenance teams and office staff with all of the PPE necessary to maintain their safety, and the safety of our guests.


Dedicated Covid-19 helpline

To enable guests to quickly and easily report any suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19 to us, we have launched a dedicated Covid-19 helpline and email address. Armed with this information, in addition to any alerts received from the NHS Test and Trace service, we are able to take all necessary reactive measures to help keep our guests and teams safe.


Contactless check-ins

The majority of our properties now have key safes installed, facilitating a faster and safer check-in process for our guests.


Removal of non-essential items

As an additional safety precaution we have advised our homeowners to remove all non-essential items that are difficult to clean to the standards required. This might include items such as board games, books, DVDs and leaflets.

Guests are welcome (and encouraged) to bring their own games to play and books to read.


How you can help

Before your holiday, we'll send you some helpful information about the steps you can take to keep yourself and our teams safe whilst on your break. There’s nothing disruptive in there, just simple measures like washing your hands each time you enter or leave the property and bagging up your bed linen before you leave.

Enjoy your holiday without worry

Although no property can be guaranteed to be completely ‘coronavirus-free’, the additional measures that we have taken should ensure that the transmission risk is low - much lower, for example, than visiting a shop or supermarket.

Watching, learning and responding

Our response to Covid-19 is based on Government guidance and advice received following private consultation with a clinician and two public health experts. We will, of course, keep up to date with the latest information and adapt our approach appropriately.

Listening to the feedback of our guests, homeowners and housekeepers, our aim is to provide the best service possible without compromising on safety. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact us.