Birdwatching in Norfolk

Norfolk, with its diverse coastline of creeks, salt marshes, nature reserves, sandy habitats and the largest protected wetland in Britain, The Norfolk Broads, is a county that will delight and titillate birdwatchers of all ages and experience. Whether a seasoned enthusiast, or just on the look out for some unique wildlife, Norfolk has something to offer all year round. With cottages spread throughout the county you are never far from an opportunity to indulge your eyes and senses. So check out the vast bird watching opportunities Norfolk has to offer and start planning your holiday today.

Norfolk hosts a number of wildlife parks and RSPB reserves, with well-maintained walkways alongside rivers inhabited with a variety of ducks, from the mallard, to the coot and moorhen, and all manner of geese on the banks, including the greylag, Canadian and Egyptian geese. Soaring high up in the skies above, you might spot a marsh harrier, sparrowhawk or even a kestrel before divebombing down to their prey. You may even catch the solitary heron amongst the reeds, wading in shallow waters and picking out small fish and frogs with its distinctively long bill.

With so many reserves, you will possibly find yourself spoilt for choice. Take a look at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust and the RSPB websites for in-depth information about particular sites in Norfolk. The Norfolk Wildlife Trust is offering £10 off your first year’s membership; well worth it if you are a regular visitor to Norfolk and not currently a member. With thirty-eight wildlife sites across the county of Norfolk, many of which offer superb walking opportunities, this may be an offer that may tempt you.

High on your visit list however, should be Pensthorpe Natural Park and the RSPB marshes at Buckenham and Surlingham Church. Cley Marshes is the oldest wildlife site in the country and one of the most popular. It has an award winning eco centre which was opened in 2007 and has an excellent new education centre for you to explore. The natural habitat in Norfolk is wonderful to explore with its provision of relaxing walks around gentle waterways and riverbanks full of life. Well-positioned nests and hideaways provide the perfect shelter for a moment of respite, or longer-term watching throughout the day. Furthermore, explore the area in all the seasons and discover the truly diverse birdlife throughout the year.

Whether the amateur enthusiast, or the keen birdwatcher, our self-catering cottages below will suit your needs.

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