A Chat with Home Farm Gin

Published: Tuesday 31st Mar 2020

Written by: Isobel Taylor

If you come to Norfolk you just have to try some of the amazing drinks that are being brewed and distilled here. From amazing ales, superb wine and a fantastic array of gins, whatever your preference you will find something unique and local here in Norfolk. We talked to Paul Dunnett, co-founder of the fantastic new micro-distillery Home Farm Gin. We discussed why you won’t find anything else like his gin anywhere else apart from Norfolk, what he loves most about his job and how to make the perfect Home Farm Strawberry and Mint Clover Club cocktail.

What is your role within the company? 

It’s a partnership, myself and a very good friend Nev Leverett set up the company at the end of last year. Nev has a passion for making gin, and is an excellent ‘mixologist’. My role is to make sure the business grows and succeeds, organising our events and creating partnerships with other amazing independent Norfolk businesses. Although I am always on hand to taste our new recipes! 

Home Farm Gin

What was the initial idea behind the company? 

Nev and I were talking in a pub one evening, after a few gin and tonics, and I asked him what plans he had for the future. He looked me straight in the eyes and said ‘I want to make gin!’. I had always had the idea of setting up some sort of microbrewery or distillery on the farm, so I immediately said let's do it. The idea of making gin quickly grew into a concept, business plan and within a year we had our micro-distillery fitted out and our first recipe finalised. 

For our first recipe we decided to go for a Strawberry and Mint flavour. The gin is very smooth, perfect for sipping straight and has that classic gin flavour of spicy juniper with undertones of strawberry and mint. We sell our gin online, at events and you can have a taster in many local pubs in the area. If you buy from our online shop you can either have the gin delivered to the door of your holiday home or can pick up from a local collection point. The best thing about it is if you fancy another bottle on your return back home we can deliver a bottle right to your door, for that little taste of Norfolk in your very own home.

Home Farm Gin event stall

What makes Home Farm Gin special? 

We do everything here on the farm, distilling, bottling, labelling etc and we only use natural ingredients but it's our unique water supply that really makes us special. Home Farm is not on mains water so instead we have our own private water supply. The water is harvested from deep underground and because it is not chlorinated it has a fantastic taste, similar to that of spring water. We wanted to take full advantage of this in our gin making process and we use the pure water in our distilling process which makes the gin have a very distinctive and unique taste. 

Home Farm Gin ingredients

What do you love most about your job? 

The look on peoples’ faces when they taste our gin and their eyes light up! Often people say they don’t enjoy gin or they would never try it straight. I love seeing people change their minds when they try Home Farm Gin!

Why did you choose Norfolk to set up your business?

I moved here 24 years ago with work, and it's just an amazing place to live. When you start to look more closely, it’s incredible just how many artisan food and drink brands are made right here in Norfolk too. We are members of Proudly Norfolk who help promote and celebrate Norfolk food and drink businesses such as ourselves, the community atmosphere is fantastic and it’s a great place to look to find special products.

How do you like your gin? 

Our Gin is smooth enough to sip neat, but I like it with a traditional premium tonic, an ice cube and garnished with a fresh strawberry, if I can be bothered, but normally I can’t wait for the garnish.

Home Farm Gin cocktail

If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands or want to impress your mates with a great cocktail try our Home Farm Strawberry and Mint Clover Club:

50ml Home Farm Strawberry and Mint Gin

25ml Lemon juice

25ml Sugar Syrup

25ml Strawberry puree

25ml egg white

2 mint leaves.

Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake to froth the egg, add some ice and shake again. Fine strain into a Martini glass and garnish with a strawberry and mint sprig and enjoy!

When you are not working what do you like to do in Norfolk? 

We have miles and miles of beautiful beaches and most are still dog friendly. Nothing better than a brisk walk along the beach with the dogs to relax and unwind, followed by a great pub meal in one of the many country pubs this county has to offer. 

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Isobel Taylor



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