Crabbing in Norfolk

Published: Sunday 15th Jul 2018

Written by: Georgia Dawson

Norfolk is a fantastic place to go crabbing. Due to the estuarial and creek waters, crabs can be found quite easily off the beautiful shores. Crabbing can be a fun, family-bonding experience for all ages. The best places to go crabbing on the Norfolk coast are Cromer, Blakeney and Wells-next-the-Sea on the north Norfolk coast, or Titchwell, Brancaster Staithe or Burnham Overy Staithe on the royal Norfolk coast.

If you would like to taste the crabs, Cromer is unbeatable. The crabs from the Cromer coast are plump, succulent and delicious due to the chalk reef beneath the water. Most crabs are caught on the muddy bottom, however Cromer crabs filter in very clean water due to the chalky bottom.

Time to go crabbing…

1.    All you need to go crabbing is a bucket, a piece of string/line, a weight and a bait to draw the crab in. Try to keep simple – nets, hooks, dynamite and blunderbusses are discouraged. The gift shop at the entrance of Cromer Pier sell everything you need for a good day of crabbing for a small price.

2.    Tie the bait of choice (fish, bacon, raw chicken or anything smelly – do wash your hands thoroughly afterwards) to the end of your string. Tie the weight just above and lower your line to the bottom of the Pier and wait! When you begin to feel a tug, pull your line very slowly out of the water. The crab will drop off if you lift the line too quickly, so make sure to do it at a slow, steady pace – there is no rush!

3.    The aim of crabbing is to catch the heaviest creature, therefore it is quality over quantity. To pick the crab up, handle it carefully from the back. It won’t hurt if you hold its shell, however you may feel a pinch if you place your hands near their legs!

4.    After catching your crab, look after them in a bucket filled with sea water until they are safely returned, unharmed, to their natural environment. 

Georgia Dawson
Georgia Dawson



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