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Meet our Champion for Walking Norfolk

Written by Georgia Dawson on

Walking Champion of Norfolk

What gets you up the morning?

The view of the sea. I am lucky to have a fantastic view of the sea from my living room/office and the mood of the sea can well affect my mood for the day ahead. The sea has fantastic mood swings throughout the day; the colours, tide flow, white horses, wind farms, the visibility or lack of it. Every morning is different and exciting. 

Imagine you are speaking to someone who has never been to Norfolk. How would you sum up Norfolk in one sentence?

Wide open skies, footpaths and trails with diverse scenery, fascinating history, a wealth of activities and open hearts await you.

If you had to advise someone visiting Norfolk three things they must not miss, what would they be and why?

A visit to Cromer Pier with the extensive choice of shows to suit all ranges of entertainment. Eating crab in any of the fantastic restaurants or cafes, preferably straight from the shell or as a sandwich - sample the tasty various recipes that include crab. Visit Holkham Hall with its vast open landscape, history and open-air concerts.

Norfolk is brimming with footpaths and cycle ways. Do you have a favourite? If so, where and why?

I have travelled most of the major footpaths and cycle ways in Norfolk and they are all my favourites, depending on the time of year. The walk along the Wensum Valley is stunning and is a complete contrast to the coastal paths. Cycling the Marriott's Way is a great thing to do with all the family.

What’s your favourite Norfolk tipple and why?

With the plethora of tasty crops grown in the county it's a difficult question; the ciders are lovely but all Woodfordes beers are full of flavour to tantalise the taste-buds. However the beer brewed by Poppyland Brewery in Cromer which celebrates Cromer being a 'Walkers are Welcome' town has to be my favourite.

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