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Published: Wednesday 4th Apr 2018

Written by: Norfolk Champion


Tom Ginn


Co-Founder of The Norwich Porridge Co. 

We produce delicious super healthy products that are both convenient for busy lifestyles and don’t compromise on quality in anyway. Our porridge is gluten-free, high in fibre and a fantastic source of protein. Porridge the Norwich way!

How long have you lived in Norfolk?  If not born here, what brought you here?

I’ve lived in Norwich for 35 years, my whole life. I tried living in London for a time but there’s nowhere quite like Norwich. I love this city!

Explain the story behind your business…

Gavin and I were training for the 2016 London Marathon and we were consuming a lot of porridge to fuel our training regime. We noticed that there was gap in the market for an instant porridge without the artificial nonsense that these well known brands tend to use in their recipes. Gav and I set about making our own porridge recipes using just oats fruits and seeds- honest ingredients.

Through months of taste testing we launched with our 2 favourite flavours; Real Raspberry and Banana & Blueberry. Coming up with the name was the easy part, bringing the product to market was slightly more challenging but we’ve had a blast.             

What gets you up in the morning?

My screaming 3 year old daughter at 5am!

If you had to advise someone visiting Norfolk three things they must not miss, what would they be and why?

Mousehold Heath is a special place for me as its where I asked my wife to marry me. It has some amazing views from there of the beautiful Norwich skyline which inspired our logo, designed by my super talented wife, Laura.

I’d also recommend a walk around Norwich Cathedral. You can forget how impressive that structure is. From there, a walk down Ferry Lane, past its historic buildings toward the River Wensum, stopping for a swift half at the Red Lion pub on the river. Sit outside on the water and watch the cogs of our beautiful city calmly turn.

Norwich Market is also a must. There’s loads of exciting little businesses there and it's where we decided to launch Norwich Porridge with a pop-up stall last year. Check out Jakey the Bakey stall, we love those guys.

Norfolk is brimming with footpaths and cycle ways.  Do you have a favourite?  If so, where and why?

I love a walk around the UEA lake with the family, feeding the ducks with my daughter and stopping at the Sainsbury Centre after for juice and cake. 

Where are we most likely to find you enjoying a meal with friends and family?

We’re really enjoying the Georgian Town House at the moment. The food there is great and there’s plenty of garden space for my daughter to run riot. I also recommend the hotel to pals visiting Norwich as the boutique rooms are very cool.

Last, but by no means least, what’s your best-kept Norfolk secret?

The Plantation Garden off Earlham road is Norfolks best kept secret. It’s like a secret garden hidden in the middle of the city that not many people seem to know about. I shared my first kiss there many moons ago.

Norfolk Champion
Norfolk Champion



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