Spot the seals this Summer

Published: Saturday 3rd Mar 2018

Written by: Georgia Dawson

This Summer, why not book yourself onto a spectacular boat trip to spot the seals at Morston, Norfolk. Heading out to Blakeney Point will allow you to see the beauiful seals basking in the sun as well as swimming in the open waters around you.

Most commonly, seals will head to Blakeney Point during the warmer months to have their pups. This usually lasts from about June until August, making for a lovely day out in the sun. Pop on a pair of sunglasses and bring your camera to make the most of this breathtaking opportunity this Summer. During the colder months, the Grey seals will have their pups. Unfortunately these months have passed, however keep an eye out during the later months of this year. 

Seals are very inquisitive animals and will be interested in seeing what you are doing. This may result in them swimming around the boat, giving you a very special opportunity to get close to the seals. What a fantastic photograph opportunity this will be! 

The warm Summer sun combined with the beautiful views of the North Norfolk Coast and the adorable seals surrounding you, what better way to spend your day. 

Simply contact Temples Seal Trips or Beans Boats to book your space onto one of their amazing seal spotting boat trips.


Georgia Dawson
Georgia Dawson



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