Dinosaur adventure

Published: Thursday 2nd Nov 2017

As a holiday destination, Norfolk represents an exciting destination that is known for its fantastic beaches, Norfolk Broads, as well as the historic city of Norwich. The region is also regarded as a paradise for birdwatchers, with plenty of species to be observed throughout the year, ranging from the Avocet to the Yellow Browed Warbler. In fact, it might surprise you to learn that some of the earliest descendants of birds, dinosaurs, have even been spotted within the secluded Norfolk countryside…

Time for an Adventure

Nestled in woods close to the small hamlet of Lenwade, Dinosaur Adventure is an award-winning local attraction and a truly unique family day out. For adventurers brave enough explore the woods, the 85-acre park is home to several animatronic dinosaurs set in beautiful natural surroundings and a host of fascinating animal friends. As you trek along the Dinosaur Trail, young zoologists will come face to face with the 8-metre Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus and Triceratops and even gasp in amazement at the might T-Rex. 

Upon leaving the trail you can also take the opportunity to find out more about the creatures that you have discovered at the Dino of the Day Show, where both children and grown-ups can learn some amazing facts about Prehistoric life. 

In addition to its Prehistoric residents, Dinosaur Adventure is also home to a menagerie of wonderful modern-day creatures that are housed in the park’s Secret Animal Garden, including loveable pigs, wallabies and tortoises amongst others. You can even take the opportunity to meet a snake at the venues various animal encounters, as well as the opportunity to hop aboard the exciting deer safari to see the park’s red and fallow deer. 

Time to Play and Relax 

If you and the kids have any energy left after meeting all of the wonderful animals at Dinosaur Adventure, there is also the chance to tackle the large wide-open Arachnophobia adventure play area with its giant spider’s web; the 'Climb-a-Saurus’ - an exciting 75ft dinosaur activity; and for the under 7’s, the 'Tiny Terrosaurs' play area. 

There are also a variety of activities to cater to all the family, including ‘Dinomite’, which is Norfolk’s biggest indoor play area, with everything from climbing nets, bridges and ball pools right up to its three massive slides. The attraction also features a two-level play area that is totally dedicated to under 5’s, meaning that nobody is left out of the fun!

Other activities include ‘Jurassic Putt’, ‘Raptor Racers’, ‘Stone Age Road Race’, ‘Pterodactyl’s Treehouse’, ‘Dinomite’ and the ‘Xtinction’ dino fossil dig, which opened in 2017. A further new attraction to the park is Dippy’s Splash Zone, a 755 square metre water play park, with 31 water features including a giant tipping bucket and slide.

After all of the action and excitement is over, there is finally a chance to unwind and take stock of the day’s adventures. The staff at either the Dinomite Café, or the Dippy’s Café are on hand to provide tasty refreshments, while for those looking for a more tranquil setting, a newly redeveloped restaurant was recently opened at the bottom of the park in 2017. 

With its fascinating collection of live animals, animatronic dinosaurs and brand new attractions for 2017, there has never been a better time to visit Dinosaur Adventure. Opening times, useful information and even a few surprises can found on the park’s webpage when planning a visit, meaning that the fun can start before a trip to the park has even begun. Just watch out for the big red button… 

By Andrew Dann