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Published: Friday 1st Sep 2017

Written by: Norfolk Champion


Harry Thompson


Sales and Marketing Director at Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co.Business address: The Club House, Fring Road, Shernborne, PE31 6SATelephone: 01485 542516Email:

We are a family company, set in the heart of North Norfolk. Hand crafting our beautiful iron and brass beds, on the royal estate of Sandringham. All our beds come guaranteed to last a lifetime and with a choice of colours, bespoke options and finial choices. Our beds and mattresses will offer the perfect slumber, for your guests Norfolk country get away. 

How long have you lived in Norfolk?  If not born here, what brought you here? 

I have lived in Norfolk “full time” for nearly 5 years…. I say “full time” because growing up in the midlands, as a family we visited on holiday at least once a year. Growing up in the Midlands, coming to Norfolk on holiday felt like a treat! And to this day, coming over the brow of the hill at Castle Rising, meandering through Sandringham, always creates a sense of excitement. Most of the time we would stay in Hunstanton, renting a caravan or staying with mum’s great aunty. But we would always venture around the coast for days out and our holiday wouldn’t be complete, without a trip to Wells for fish and chips, accompanied by crab fishing off the harbour wall.

Explain the story behind your business…

Our story started, over 10 years ago! When my parents decided it was time, to jump of the “midlands merry go round” and escape to the country. With the idea to buy a property, rent it out during the summer for holiday guests (whilst we lived in our caravan, purchased a few years before, because we loved being here) and then live in the house during the winter… So mum ordered two “iron beds” from a well-known retailer and lets just say, they didn’t last long with the first set of guests!! That when the idea of our business was born… to make good quality, robust iron beds… ones that are made from iron and ones that shall be able to survive rowdy guests…. And from that day, the Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co. was born!

What gets you up in the morning?

Normally the Norfolk birds… I will admit, I’m not much of a morning person! But being woken up by bird song, isn’t a bad way to be woken. However, at the weekend there is a little less urgency to get out, of my beautiful, lovely, amazing bed (can you guess where it’s from?) and during the summer, like to lay there with the windows open, coffee on the bedside table and just listen to Norfolk… 

List your top five things about Norfolk…

1) The Beaches… Holkham is my favourite!2) Food… Whether it be a country pub, or fish and chips on the sea front. 3) The Seasons… Seeing Norfolk change, from watching them harvest in the Summer, to watching the geese fly overhead in Winter, each Norfolk seasons has a unique charm. 4) When friends visit… growing up in the midlands and living down south in my mid-twenties, having friends visit is one of my favourite things! They get to discover Norfolk and I get to take them, to some of my favourite places. Which always leaves me feeling humble to Norfolk and a sense of content, when I think… I live here!5) The People… for me the people make Norfolk, whether living here from birth, or they have moved here, it’s hard to beat the people in Norfolk. No matter where you go, there is always someone to talk to, who asks “How yah getting on?”

Which season do you think Norfolk is at its best and why?

Hmmmm! That is tricky! For me it’s all of them… including winter!For me Spring is when Norfolk starts to come to life… the winds are less biting and the morning sun, has a slight touch of warm. I can venture outdoors and go for a walk on the beach, in my favourite chunky knit sweater and bobble hat, with my jeans tucked into my wellies. Then on the way home, call into one of North Norfolk’s, lovely food haunts and tuck into a pie and a pint! Summer for me, is beach season! Nothing beats a lazy morning in bed, listening to Norfolk wake up and then it’s down to the beach, for a stroll along (accompanied by an ice cream or picnic) and then either out for dinner in friends back garden, or to a country pub’s beer garden, or if feeling quiet content and in need of a rest, back home to sit outside, look at the stars and snuggle under a blanket. The start of Autumn, when the grass has that touch of dew and the mist is gently touching the ground, with a big blue sky above… that for me is the best time in Autumn! When the country pubs, start to light their fires in the evening or, when you can relax at home with a glass of wine, indulging in a treat, with wood burner lit and filling the house, with that special warmth only a wood burner can provide. Surprisingly I like Winter… which is odd, as I’m not one to be cold! But for me, it’s not the grey and wet winters day! It’s that winters day, when the ground is hard from frost, a big blue-sky reigning above and it’s so cold, it doesn’t feel cold! On these days, the best place to be, is on the beach… wrapped up in knit wear and gloves keeping the wind bite off your hands, days like these, are the best of a Norfolk winter. 

Norfolk has a 93-mile coastline.  Which is your favourite beach and what is so special about it?

Of all the beaches in Norfolk (so far, I still have some to discover!) Holkham has to be my favourite! The sand is a beautiful shade of pale yellow, that you would expect to see, somewhere a little more exotic and the pine tree line, detaches you away from the outside world… leaving just you, on the beach, escaping from the world. In summer, my favourite thing to do here, is walk through the pine trees and take it that fresh scent, that only a warm summers day can release. 

What’s your favourite event on the Norfolk calendar, and why?

Sandringham Flower Show is my go to event! Whether you are an avid gardener, or just appreciate being outdoors, the Sandringham Flower Show, is a must in my calendar. For a one-day show, I am always blown away by the effort and time, taken to create such magnificent (and do able at home) show gardens… I even think some of them, could give Chelsey a run for its money! But I must say, my favourite exhibit tent is for the Women’s Institutes, as nothing beats home-made cake!

Last, but by no means least, what’s your best-kept Norfolk secret (supposing you’re happy to share it!)?

If I told it wouldn’t be my secret anymore! But what I can say… is, it’s a great one and one I hope you discover one day!

Norfolk Champion
Norfolk Champion



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