25 x ways to be a responsible dog owner

Published: Thursday 16th Mar 2017

Written by: Tilly the Collie dog

We were so impressed with Tilly’s first blog – 25 x Doggy havens, that we let her write another one…..  So, here she is on behalf of all dogs, with some great advice on how to be a responsible pet owner.

1. Sometimes - keep me on the lead.

As much as I love to run free and get into mischief – there are some occasions when I need to be kept on a lead like near busy roads, also where birds are nesting, as unfortunately they don’t want to play!

2. Don’t leave me home alone.

With so many fantastic attractions, restaurants and locations around Norfolk – all welcoming pets – please take us with you. 

3. Keep me off the beds!

After a long day exploring, then back at the holiday cottage - I will try to sneak upstairs to try out the comfy king-size bed – unfortunately this is not allowed and I must make do with my normal bed downstairs.

4. No to naughty foods.

There are many cafés in Norfolk serving delicious treats – but some goodies are simply a no no for me - they include chocolate, caffeine, grapes, raisins, and macadamia nuts. 

5. Hopefully not! A visit to the local Vets!

Should anything bad happen – you will want to take your dog to the vets as soon as possible. Be sure you make yourself aware of where the nearest vets are located and contact details.

6. Pick up the poo!

I’m sorry – when I have to go – I have to go! So please always carry a poo bag with you and dispose of it in one of those special bins.

7. Wash n Wag!

After a visit to Wells beach – be sure to stop by at the winner of the Kennels Club dog friendly awards beach café, where you can hose your dog down in their specially enclosed booth.

8. Beach awareness…

Yay! I love that there are so many dog friendly beaches in Norfolk for me to run on – however there are some which have restrictions that state dogs not permitted to be on – As we are unable to read these signs, we need you to tell us where we can go…

9. Keep fleas and worms at bay.

I am not a fan of these nasty pests – so to keep us bug free - please make sure you keep all treatments up to date.

10. Never leave me in a car.

I cannot stress enough – please don’t leave us, even if it’s just a warm day – things can end terribly - and I know you wouldn’t want that.

11. Be aware of wildlife and farm animals.

Now I’m always good as gold and have nailed the re-call to my owners – but if your four–legged friend is likely to want to check out these unusual creatures – best keep them on a lead.

12. Drink up.

With all the running about along beaches, parks and woodlands – Please have a supply of water readily available for when we need a drink.

13. Watch out for cattle grids.

Now as much as I think I am indestructible when roaming free - many parkland areas in Norfolk have cattle grids and they can be quite dangerous for my paws – so warn your furry friends to avoid them.

14. Take me to the The Orange Tree at Thornham…

I know this isn’t really a responsible owner request – but your dog will love you even more if they get to visit this delicious eatery which has its own doggie menu.

15. Not a fan of heights. 

Norfolk does have some dangerous cliff tops especially at Hunstanton & Cromer but when I’m chasing a scent I lose track of where I am, so please keep us well away from the edge.

16. No to sticks!

This sounds crazy – but I have many canine friends who have come away with nasty injuries from an innocent game of fetch the stick…. There are plenty of safer toys that you can throw – personally, I think you can’t beat a good old tennis ball.

17. Be aware of other visitors to Norfolk.

Strange as it might seem, not all humans are big fans of us canines – so despite us wanting to greet everyone we see, you may need to keep us fully restrained in public areas.

18. Treat time!

Now with me being such a good girl, my family often treat me with delicious goodies from Pooch’s. Treat your dogs with these yummy Norfolk snacks that have no preservatives, flavourings colourings and are low in fat. Yum yum.

19. Chips.

Being in Norfolk - You probably think I’m talking about the variety you put salt & vinegar on. However, I refer to the microchip variety – Since April 2016 it has become a legal requirement, that all dogs need to have one. Also make sure the details are kept up to date – just in case we decide to go off exploring on our own!

20. Can you see me?

It could be dangerous when out walking me in the evening along quiet, dark, Norfolk country roads, so would suggest you invest in a high visibility jacket for me – and you too!

21. Keep my claws trim...

My claws don’t trim themselves so well on a beach – so after a week on holiday here you may need to do this for me with some special dog clippers. 

22. Ouch! – Bee stings.

Us daft dogs will never learn and often seem to snap at bees flying past – So be sure you know what to do… Pull out the sting, bathe the area with water or use a solution of bicarbonate of soda and apply ice to help soothe.

23. The great escape...

You may have booked a property with an enclosed garden…. This doesn’t always mean it’s 100% dog proof, and I will certainly look to see if I can find a gap to escape – just because I want to explore Norfolk further!

24. Name tag.

Along with microchipping - providing us with a name tag with your contact details on is a great idea. In new surroundings, we could get lost and this would be a quicker way for someone to contact you.

25. Give me lots of love…

I don’t ask for that much – but if you are a responsible dog owner and look after me well - I will always be loyal, pleased to see you, and will love you forever. Woof X

Tilly the Collie dog
Tilly the Collie dog


I love nothing more than a rufftastic walk along the beautiful North Norfolk Coast. My favourite food is anything made by Pooch’s Treats, I love smelling other dogs, making lots of muddy mess and reading The Barking Bugle on Sunday morning.


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