Top 5 Christmas Foods

Published: Tuesday 13th Dec 2016

Written by: Laura Foster

Along with looking forward to spending time with family & friends, exchanging gifts and all the magical fun of Christmas time – One of the main things I look forward to is all the wonderful food that becomes on offer… Now I am not just talking about the actual Christmas dinner with all the trimmings but the evening buffet with an endless sight of deliciousness is something I cannot wait for each year…

So here are my Top 5 (Norfolk) Christmas Foods that I think you need to be enjoying over the festive period. 

Number 1 = It has to be Turkey!With Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein and the legend that is Delia Smith all previously recommending how fantastic the Norfolk Black is – you know there must be some truth in it. For those who are unaware the Norfolk Black is regarded as the oldest breed, it is reared in the open and matured slowly to produce a strong gamey flavour. The alternative, which is becoming more popular is the Norfolk Bronze, this is a black turkey crossed with a wild turkey to a produce a bird which is much plumper than black and slightly sweeter in taste.  

Number 2 = ChestnutsWho doesn’t love the wonderful winter aroma of roasting chestnuts on an open fire – In Norfolk we are very lucky to have a number of woodland parks including Holkham & Felbrigg where you can collect them late Autumn.Each year I collect some for a Christmas stuffing recipe – the best thing I find is to boil them for five minutes before cooling in cold water, peel while they are still warm and then freeze – Another way to make them last for Christmas is to hang in a mesh bag so that air circulates around them. (Make sure they don’t get damp though or they will rot.) 

Number 3 = Bray’s Cottage Pork PiesNow, no Christmas buffet would be complete without a Bray’s Cottage Pork Pie – Known locally as The Perfect Pie (after trying one, you will understand why)….. These are made using the very best pork from locally reared pigs along with their very secret blend of herbs and spices – not forgetting the hot water crust pastry = yummy!  

Number 4 = Mrs Temple's CheeseWe are very lucky that Mrs Temple’s handmade cheeses made at Copys Green Farm at Wighton can be found on the menu at most of the restaurants around Norfolk. – With them all tasting amazing, I tend to stock my fridge up with her great selection for the holiday buffets. Look out for Binham Blue, Gurney’s Gold, Warham Cheese, Copys Cloud, Wighton and Wells Alpine. 

Number 5 = Colman’s MustardWhat better compliment to the iconic holiday ham centrepiece than a jar of the world famous fiery English Mustard.Colman’s Mustard has been based in Norfolk ever since Jerimiah Colman started the business in 1814. Moving the production factory to Norwich in 1814, where they are still based today. The process of making the mustard hasn’t changed much and 60% of the seeds are locally sourced. 

Merry Christmas everyone – hope you all have a lovely time and enjoy many delicious goodies.  

Laura Foster
Laura Foster


Enjoys running, cycling, going to the theatre and supporting Norwich City Football Club.


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