Published: Thursday 29th Sep 2016

Written by: Laura Foster

Is it just me?

Why is it whenever I’m out walking at this time of the year, the moment I see a conker - I just have to pick it up!? There’s something so special, the way it’s shiny, perfectly formed and glowing with the promise of Autumn…. I guess I turn into a kid again, continuing to pick as many as I can fill my pockets with, comparing each one, until I waddle home with my huge collection!

It’s the same every year, once home I look at my hoard and then think “Well, what am I going to do with them now?!”

However this year is different, I have done a bit of research, so here are some great suggestions.........

* Pop them into a tall clear glass vase to give your home an Autumnal feel.

* Replace the end of your bathroom light pull cords, for a simple decorative effect.

* Get creative and make a Autumnal wreath.

* Use them for Christmas tree decorations, maybe paint and sprinkle with glitter, if you’re feeling artistic.

* Make some jewellery, wearing a conker is said to bring good luck.

* Use them as marbles, (ok they don’t roll straight) but it’s great fun.

* The best use…… It is believed if you place them around your home, they act as a repellent to spiders (will be giving this one a try!)

* Don’t forget hours of fun can be had, playing the traditional game of Conkers! (The first recorded game was on the Isle of Wight in 1848)To ensure you have a good chance of winning, first test in a bucket of water….. If it floats = loser. If it sinks = winner.Leave in an airing cupboard for a week to guarantee good results.Alternatively bake in the oven, or soak in vinegar.For optimum conker achievement leave in a dry place for a year and use the following year!

Happy Conker Hunting!

Laura Foster
Laura Foster


Enjoys running, cycling, going to the theatre and supporting Norwich City Football Club.


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