Funshine in Norfolk

Published: Monday 25th Jul 2016

Written by: Laura Foster

Whether you are visiting our beautiful county for a week’s holiday or lucky enough to live here – now the six-week summer holidays have started – you may need help in how to keep the kids entertained with fun ideas that won’t cost an arm and a leg! Here are my top five suggestions…..

Go Gillying - All you need is a crab line, bucket and crab bait (scraps of raw meat - bacon works well)If you have never been gillying before – you’re missing out! I can promise you all children love this traditional coastal activity and adults probably love it even more!It is so easy, you just need to visit a location like Wells, Blakeney or Cromer, tie your bait onto the line, lower it into the sea and you're away! The little crabs here on the North Norfolk Coast are very obliging and are happy to be captured all summer long – Hoist them up, and home them temporarily in a bucket of seawater.  Once you have decided who has caught the largest, the smallest, the most, the scariest and the one that looks like dad – You can carefully release them back into the sea. 

Dress the kids up as pirates and go exploring to find hidden treasure - Geocaching -To be honest, I didn’t know too much about this and have never tried it - but many of the team in the office are raving about it, saying its great fun.For full information, and to join for free, visit –So what's it all about?Geocaches are waterproof containers which include a logbook, pen and tradeable items such as coins, small toys, buttons, and novelty trinkets that are hidden in locations all around the world with its co-ordinates recorded.Once you have joined, you can then search for the geocaches using GPS on your phone to try to locate them.When found, you can record your unique geocache number in the logbook – you are also welcome to take something from the container as long as you replace it with another item.My parents recently mentioned they managed to come across one (They didn’t have the co-ordinates or were looking for it!) in the grounds around Felbrigg Hall - So I’m sure there’s plenty more hidden around Norfolk……. 

Go for a Walk -Norfolk is a fantastic destination to get the kids outside and enjoy the fresh air. A great option is to park anywhere along the coast - then walk along the coastal path – taking in all the stunning views, wide skies and wildlife on show. When you think you have tired the little ones out enough and can walk no further….. Jump on the coastal hopper bus to take you back to where you started. With buses running roughly every half an hour between Hunstanton and Cromer – you will never have to wait too long. 

Let’s go fly a Kite –Can you remember as a child – how exciting this simple pleasure was? Why not start the day making and decorating your very own kite, then head to Brancaster or Hunstanton beach to see if you can actually get it to fly.  Even if you are unsuccessful, I am sure you and the little ones will have great fun trying!  

Oh, I do like to be beside the Seaside -What’s better than simply taking a bucket & spade and heading to one of our fabulous sandy beaches – whether you build a sandcastle masterpiece, dig a big hole, collect random pebbles or let the kids turn you into a mermaid – you will definitely make lasting lifelong memories – which in my opinion - are priceless. 

For more information on events, festivals and carnivals taking place over the summer – check out our What’s On Guide to inspire you further.  

Laura Foster
Laura Foster


Enjoys running, cycling, going to the theatre and supporting Norwich City Football Club.


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