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Wildlife To Treasure

Written by Lucy Downing on

Pink-footed geese arriving in Norfolk

Let’s be honest – most of the British Isles is teaming with a wonderful variety of wildlife and birdlife.  However (count me biased if you wish), I believe Norfolk was blessed with an extra dollop when the birds and animals were handed out!

If you don’t believe me, just ask any of the thousands of ornithologists who visit the North Norfolk Coast and Broads National Park each year.  Whether they’re after a sight of the spectacular migration of pink-footed geese, or a snapshot of a long-legged Avocet wading through the marsh, they keep coming back for more.

Likewise, an evening amble through our quiet country lanes doesn’t usually go amiss without a sighting of a deer, hare or fox.  You might even see a badger if you’re lucky.
Then there’s the seals.  How could I not mention our beautiful seals?  Both grey and common seals can be found at The National Trust Nature Reserve of Blakeney Point.  And don’t worry, it’s not a case of trying to see one – there are hundreds (thousands at breeding seasons).  Come winter, you can ohh and ahh at the seal pups – so cute in their fluffy white coats.  Horsey is also worth a visit, a safe place popular with breeding seals around Christmas.

But more than anything, I like to take a moment to close my eyes and let my ears take control.  For it’s the tapestry of birdsong I find most soothing and enriching.  It must be our density of woodlands and hedgerows that allows for such music – an awakening better than any expensive alarm clock can deliver.

Why not pay Norfolk a visit and lose yourself in nature for a spell – we’re only mammals too, after all.

Lucy Downing

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I enjoy walking along Norfolk's beaches with my family and dog, theatre trips, dancing, laughing and knocking up a scrumptious feast for friends using local produce finished with a tipple of Norfolk Saffron's King Harry orange and saffron liqueur!