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Published: Thursday 20th Aug 2015

Written by: Laura Foster

Norfolk – A Glorious Destination…. for anglers of all ages and ability.

Many of our customers come to Norfolk with thoughts of doing a little fishing whilst they are with us...after all with 300 square km of Broads and many commercial lakes we are blessed with opportunity in Norfolk. If you are new to it all where do you begin though? We asked local angler Mike Brown for his thoughts on a nice day out with rod and line...

Let’s not get overwhelmed with the amount of angling in Norfolk nor let’s get concerned about whether or not we have all the gear we need. There is always the opportunity to develop on what we do as anglers but is that the point on a day out, maybe with the children? Let’s concentrate on having fun & taking some great memories home with us. There is a lot more to fishing than catching fish. That said we all want to have our lines pulled at some point.

We have some fantastic commercial fishing lakes in Norfolk as any search on Google will reveal though unashamedly I love our tidal rivers of which there are several. I love the intrigue of what may turn up and the connection with moving water, it has fascinated me since childhood.

As an ice-breaker let’s have a look at Thorpe Green in Norwich located on the Yarmouth Road into the City just past the Rushcutters pub and opposite The Buck PH. It’s free to fish and parking is at no cost on the road there, though I recommend enjoying the public house hospitality and using either car park. Indeed a little further up is The River Garden PH where you can both enjoy a pleasant lunch and fish from their garden!

Back to Thorpe Green it is located on a cut from the main river Yare. As a consequence there is not the heavy flow there that you get on the main river although it is tidal so the water is either rising or falling. Over the years I have taken all manner of fish there from Carp Tench & Rudd to Pike and Perch with plenty of Roach and Bream to maintain interest. In the Winter months I’ll bottom fish it with a feeder for Bream but here we are in the summer looking at around 4-5ft of water mostly full of streamer weed. It may seem daunting but don’t let it put you off. That weed is a haven of insects and food for the fish that shelter there as well as cover for Pike and Perch. We won’t be trotting a line today but fixing a float on 3-4lb line, bottom only Waggler style but with the capability of adjusting it for depth. Enough shot up the line to set the float and a 24” drop to our barbless, size 14 or 16 hook and bait.

 It does not get simpler just letting the bait slowly fall through the column of water and through the upper fronds of weed. I take a variety of bait usually bread, sweet corn, maggots, dendrobaena worms & casters. Today we have arrived with a couple of pints of red maggots. A couple of grubs on the hook and a cast mid stream with a few grubs pinged at our float by catapult and already we are seeing activity which produces small roach and perch. The children are flicking the odd maggot at each other and have already discovered that those falling in the margin are attracting small fish so are now dangling their lines down the side trying to catch what they see. At some point a small Pike may put in an appearance as it’s attracted to the opportunity of a snack on the roach now busy with the free offerings.

There being a slow flow this form of waggler fishing is all that you need to do though as the tide turns the slack will encourage the Rudd to show from under the boats on the other side of the river. A longer cast and the catapult at full stretch with plenty of grubs will put you in with a fine chance at these beautiful golden green fish mainly associated with still water. A rare treat from a river catching one will create an enduring memory as you will be in the small minority of anglers to have done so. Enjoy this experience for as long or as little as you feel comfortable after which you have the City of Norwich at your fingertips to enjoy for the rest of your day or evening.

Laura Foster
Laura Foster


Enjoys running, cycling, going to the theatre and supporting Norwich City Football Club.


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