Spring Has Arrived

Published: Monday 9th Feb 2015

What A Difference A Day Makes …. Well A Week or Two Actually but Who’s Counting? 

On the whole Norfolk is known as one of the better parts of the country in terms of the weather and being British of course, we can never avoid a mardle about the weather; mardle by the way is colloquial Norfolk for a chat.  

I am lucky enough to be in a job that takes me around various parts of the county from time to time and recently I have been out and about in north Norfolk. The beauty of the county never ceases to delight and surprise but in the last couple of weeks or so, it has certainly been one of huge contrasts in terms of the weather.  

At the tail end of last month, I set out in slight trepidation as the weather conditions, somewhat like the rest of the country were bright but icy and cold, snow had fallen the night before, luckily not too heavily and the sun was trying hard to keep going.  They say that Norfolk is a flat county but in this part of north Norfolk it rises to its highest point and as I left Saxthorpe village behind and headed out towards Aylsham, the snow became thicker.  I was heading for Oulton, not that of the famous Oulton Broad further south but a small hamlet tucked away deep in the countryside, which is a very rural and peaceful spot, so much so that in mid-January the bright green carbon of Comet Lovejoy was easily spotted in the pollution free skies – perhaps the BBC’s next location for Nightwatch?  

The pictures below show the local lanes in and around Oulton on that day, which do have their own beauty and there were plenty of deer tracks in the snow to be seen at the edge of the field.

Today by enormous contrast spring arrived and we are basking in sunshine and temperatures averaging 12C, I found myself on the coast at Cromer.  The seagulls were high in the sky,  surfers were trying their hands on a wave or two, folk were out walking their dogs under the big blue skies – it was almost tempting enough to dip a toe in the water myself! 

By Joanna Hobson