Santa's Magical Journey

Published: Tuesday 23rd Dec 2014

I used to think that being a kid at Christmas was the best thing ever… turns out, having kids at Christmas is!On Saturday 20th December I took my two children (aged 3 and 18 months) to Santa’s Magical Journey in Thursford. I hadn’t mentioned this treat to my Son until just beforehand and he was so excited as we drove in and saw all the lights in the trees, they truly are beautiful and make a great entrance. My daughter is only 18 months so wasn’t really aware of what was going on but she gazed in awe at all the lights and kept stamping her feet with excitement.

Two Elves greeted us at the doors to the exhibition and in we walked to the building not really knowing what to expect, the entrance hall itself is covered in lights, with flying geese, Elves shimmying up ropes and lots of characters for the children to enjoy.

The ‘Journey’ itself is spectacular, taking you past penguins, rabbits and polar bears, elves making toys, then on to the giant teddy bears loading Santa’s sleigh. One of my Sons favourite parts was the giant present wrapping machine which carried presents on wires above your heads, My Daughter was fascinated by the dancing penguins – I think she thought they were real! There are lots of fantasy characters including naughty snowmen having a snow ball fight! We then made our way through the magical forest to Santa’s House and waited to visit the man himself!

After having their photo taken with Santa and having one last look at the magical forest there was a magician and 4d film to enjoy- which the kids both loved. There are some nice little shops and a restaurant so you could easily spend a few hours there, all in all a lovely trip out!

By Kim Lovick