BeWilderwood Fun

Published: Thursday 28th Aug 2014

Written by: Laura Foster

After hearing everyone talk about how amazing BeWilderwood is, when a friend suggested taking her two children (Katie & Louie) I, along with another childless friend jumped at the chance to tag along……

I can now agree it is a fantastic day out for all the family, if you’re like me and still a big kid you’ll love the fact that although the adventure park is aimed at children, adults are encouraged to play alongside the kids and join in on all the slides, rope bridges, wobbly wires and mazes. I did notice however there are plenty of benches to take a seat amongst all the action so you do have the option to be part of the fun yet watch from a safe distance!

We entered the enchanted world of Boggles and Twiggles just after 10am by boat (watch out for the sneaky croc hiding in the lake) and spent the whole day lost in this magical dream.

The park was understandably busy, yet is set out well with many different sections, so no areas were overcrowded. I would say my favourite part was the new sky maze which only opened this summer, it’s a wonderful addition to the park made up of tunnels, walkways, cargo nets, spiral staircases and zig-zag beams all set in the treetop canopy although do have to admit it took us three adults quite a long while of going round in circles and asking people for help before we finally managed to make it to the very top!!

Back to the kids! They had oodles of fun, loving the wobbly wires and it’s the first time I’ve seen one of these rides suitable for younger children with an enclosed seat which was a big hit with 18 month old Louie. Around the park they have catered for all ages, with various sizes of slides, swings and a designated toddler section for little ones. When we had all run off our excess energy (well maybe just the adults!) it was good to take a seat in the craft tent  and help the kids make their own crown with coloured card, tissue paper, feathers, foil, cotton wool plus plenty of glue!!

Other activities going on around the park included face painting, storytelling, den building and various treasure trails. There are also a number of cabins dotted about offering a good selection of food & drinks along with the very important ice creams! Although you may do as we did and bring your own food for a picnic as there are plenty of tables to use.

After literally dragging the children away from the main park and somehow escaping through the gift shop, it was a nice touch for the children to receive prizes as we departed for successfully completing the treasure trail cards.

Thank you BeWilderwood for a captivated, fantastic and fun day out, hope to return soon…………


Laura Foster
Laura Foster


Enjoys running, cycling, going to the theatre and supporting Norwich City Football Club.


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