Feeding The Ducks!

Published: Monday 28th Apr 2014

Since my son was only a few months old one of our favourite weekend activities has been feeding the ducks! Even when he was small and still confined to his pushchair he would sit, mesmerized by the ducks waddling around him, and squeal with excitement when they caught some bread he had thrown. Now, a boisterous 2 year old he loves nothing more than running round after them and seeing how close he can get without them making a swift exit back to the safety of the water! My daughter who is 10 months old has also grown fond of our tradition and loves sitting and watching her brother chasing the ‘Quack Quacks’ around.

For us, this is an all year round activity, whether it be a brisk January walk around the pond, followed by a trip to a local tea room for hot chocolate to warm up, or a lovely summers afternoon sat on a blanket by the river watching the ducks and basking in the sun.

One of our favourite places to visit the ducks is the river in Hempton, there is a nice large grass area, plenty of ducks and even some horses just around the corner. Other places worth a visit are Spout Hills in Holt (Don’t forget a trip to the beautiful Folly Tea rooms afterward!) The river at Coltishall, and the large duck pond at Stanhoe. 

By Kim Lovick 28/04/14