Norfolk or Norwich Terrier?

Published: Thursday 6th Mar 2014

Written by: Laura Foster

Well The Kennel Club worlds largest dog show, Crufts 2014 is now under way and day two features the terrier group.

So thought we should give a special mention to all the Norfolk & Norwich Terriers on show…..

Did you know?Until the mid-1800s there were no distinctions between the two breeds and they were considered a simple farm dog. It wasn’t until 1932 that they were accepted into the kennel club breed as the Norwich terrier and then from 1964 the two breeds were distinguished.

The Norfolk is a short leg terrier, has a compact body, developed for catching vermin (described as a ratter) It is known for a delightful disposition and although totally fearless it is not one to start a fight. When standing to attention the ears drop forward at the tip.   

The Norwich terrier is described as exactly the same however the only difference is when the dog stands to attention his ears should stand pointing up. (I have heard many people say it represents the top of the Norwich Cathedral which dominates the city skyline and agree it’s the way I remember how to differentiate between the two breeds when it comes up on a pub quiz!)

Another useful fact for you is the word “Terrier” comes from the Latin word “Terra” meaning earth as originally all terriers were bred for hunting the earth for vermin.

Now here at Norfolk Country Cottages we are pleased to let you know we have a number of properties accepting your four legged friends and we don’t even mind if it’s not a Norfolk or Norwich Terrier, we also don’t mind if it’s never going to make it to Crufts as I’m sure in your eyes (like I am, with my dog) you feel they are a very important part of the family and already a star. I can also guarantee they would love a holiday in Norfolk with endless dog friendly beaches to explore, run freely, roll in the sand and snuffle the seaweed to their hearts content so please click here to view our pet friendly cottages and start planning your holiday for the whole family.

Laura Foster
Laura Foster


Enjoys running, cycling, going to the theatre and supporting Norwich City Football Club.


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