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Larn Yarself Norfolk

Written by Laura Foster on

Cooking dumplings in a pan

To poke fun at the Norfolk speech is not something new, so I say; if you can’t beat them, join them....
However I do like Norfolk being unique and “dewin a diffrunt” language to most - so when I came across this recipe for Norfolk Dumplings, written with a certain Norfolk twang……. I thought I would share it with you. 
Many claim the Norfolk tongue is virtually beyond writing down and that only natives can speak it with any degree of comfort. As a proud Norfolk gal, this recipe makes perfect sense to me, but see how you get on reading it out loud……

Norfolk Dumplin’s Recipe

Yew put half a pound o’ plain flar in a basin,
An’ a half tea spune o’ baakin powder tew;

Yew mix that up in half a pint o’ water,
An’ that maaake fower nice dumplin’s, that that dew.

Yew pick ’ em up and drop ‘ em in a sauce-pan,
Where yer veggies ‘ re b’ilin’ wi’ yer meat,

An’ arter twenta minnits, they’ll be riddy,
An yew’re got a dinner what go down a treat!

Found that easy? 
Here are 10 more words found in the Norfolk dictionary you could use in the local pub when visiting us…….

Squit = Talking Nonsense
On The Huh = Not Level
Rumin = Odd / Peculiar
Bor = Neighbour
Blar = To Weep / Cry
Ranny = Small Rodent
Atwin = Between
Claggy = Sticky
Frawn = Frozen
Gorn = Going



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