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Published: Friday 15th May 2015

Written by: Laura Foster

Living in Norfolk, I know how wonderful it is and totally understand why people choose to holiday here. Many people even choose to move to this beautiful county but few go to the extreme of May Savage!

May Savage was a remarkable little old lady who spent 23 years single handily dismantling her Medieval Hall House brick by brick from Hertfordshire and moving it 100 miles to rebuild it in Wells-next-the-Sea, North Norfolk.

This truly amazing story started in 1953 when the council told May, her house was to be demolished, she fought for 15 years to try to stop this happening, then in 1969 when she was 58 she started her labour of love dismantling every piece by hand with just the company of her dog Sasha. She traced over a sample of brickwork using greaseproof paper and numbered every beam, pane of glass and took note of every nail taken out, in order to know how to re-build it again, exactly how it was.

A large lorry made 11 trips taking every piece, to the North Norfolk town, then it was left to May who was living in a caravan with no electricity, to start her enormous task, after two years the framework was complete. She then started on the brickwork, it was then another eight years before the roof tiles were put on. May, who was then in her 70s finally moved in, although not completely finished and still no heating. She continued to work on the property and in 1986 the Queen recognised her pluck, inviting her to a Buckingham Palace garden party.It wasn’t until 1992 when she finally installed a small wood-burning stove to heat the house. Sadly May died in 1993 and the house was still not quite finished as some of the brickwork was still to be done and not all the walls were plastered.

May left the house to her niece and in tribute to her Aunt she continued to renovate and finish the property.

Now I find this story truly inspiring, it shows you can really take on any challenge and nothing can stop you when you have the determination to succeed.

You will be pleased to hear we don’t expect you to do the same and we have a number of fantastic properties in Wells-Next-The-Sea, which you can come and enjoy with a home from home feel without the manual labour!

Laura Foster



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