Morning Walk

Published: Friday 28th Feb 2014

What a beautiful February morning,

Awake early, dressed and woolly hat on, my faithful Labrador and I experienced such a lovely start to the day.

We wandered out across the frost laid fields, the hedgerows crisp and birds singing their early morning chorus.  As we gently walked along absorbing the beauty of this day we came across a gap in the hedgerow………. I stood awhile and just gazed at this beautiful view laid out before us.

The gentle roll of Norfolk countryside, a sweep of mist arising across the fields, the silhouette of trees and the sun was gently appearing for the day through the bright mauve-silver sky.

Roxie, my Labrador, was certainly enjoying our special time together, and it truly was a privilege to experience the pleasure of such a wonderful tranquil start to the day in this peaceful spot in Norfolk.

By Sue Lee - 28/02/14