Shake Up Your Wake Up

Published: Wednesday 29th Jan 2014

Written by: Laura Foster


Did you know its Farmhouse Breakfast Week which is an annual celebration championing the importance of Breakfast?

The UK produces on average…..15 million tonnes of wheat, 7 million tonnes of barley and 600,000 tonnes of oats, here in the East, half the agricultural land is used for growing cereal crops. This celebration week is run to get people to think about where their food has come from and to support the arable farmers, it also aims to promote the many wonderful butchers, bakeries, restaurants, cafes and farmers markets we have in the UK offering a wealth of produce to make your breakfast perfect for you.

So with 47% of people in the UK skipping breakfast, it is important to advertise the many major benefits of eating a breakfast.

Research has shown...

You are more likely to be happier and healthier if you have a regular breakfast. Breakfast eaters tend to be slimmer than breakfast skippers. Eating a breakfast aids concentration at work / school. A sensible breakfast provides nutrients and energy for an active day. You are less likely to be stressed or suffer from depression if you have eaten a breakfast.

With so many great reasons, if you are looking for just a quick morning option, a family friendly sit down or lucky enough to receive breakfast in bed from a loved one, you can choose from so much including porridge, cereals, fruit, omelettes, full English, salmon, eggs, croissants, pancakes, smoothies……I could go on…….. There is plenty of options to keep the entire family happy and you would be mad to skip it and miss out on all the benefits! Eat up and enjoy!

Laura Foster
Laura Foster


Enjoys running, cycling, going to the theatre and supporting Norwich City Football Club.


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