Norfolk–There’s Nowhere Better

Published: Tuesday 14th Jan 2014

Why do I love this great county of Norfolk and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else?

I moved to Norfolk some eighteen years ago and I have never been tempted to leave. It has a quality and pace of life that is evaluable. Our lack of motorways may cause some people great frustration! Why, when it gives you the opportunity to slow down and absorb your surroundings, enjoy the countryside and the stunning views that present themselves all around our countryside and coastline – we have 100 miles of it.

Norfolk is a diverse county, apart from the coastline already mentioned, we have Georgian towns with architecture that equals other parts of the UK, quaint brick and flint villages, Royal connections at Sandringham and its beautiful estate villages featuring the local honey coloured carrstone so unique to the North West of Norfolk, miles of inland waterways that are the Broads, quiet lanes and cycle ways which make walking and cycling such a joy, “traffic what traffic?” and finally the two historic centres of history in the town of Kings Lynn and the city of Norwich. 

Add into this mix the pleasure of living in an agricultural area and the bountiful local produce that we all enjoy, superb farmers markets, unique cafes and restaurants, many of which are award winning or have a Michelin star.

Sandy beaches, salt water marshes and inland creeks, one of the best bird watching areas in the country and if you wonder why we have so many art galleries dotted around the county, it is because the county is so beautiful that it attracts a great number of talented artists and photographers all wishing to capture a piece of the immense skies and the light that is so unique to Norfolk.

Norfolk, I love it!

By Heather McCraith