Traditional Bonfire Night

Published: Tuesday 5th Nov 2013

Corpusty bonfire party has always been a tradition for my family and me to attend.

Rugged up in woolly hats and gloves, warm sweaters and wellies we joined the huge gathering of families out with their children on this cold and blustery Saturday night in November. The event is village affair where a great amount of time, effort and spirit goes into the evening to make it such a huge success.

Standing by the edge of the village green with the drums playing in the grounds of the village school, we watch for the arrival of the procession of weirdly dressed individuals in their fancy dress costumes and their torch lit procession. Following on is the old wooden cart laden with full size Guy Fawkes and a man playing harmoniously on his accordion.After touring the whole village, the cart is trundled across the village green to the site of the bonfire of gathered garden rubbish and wooden pallets, here the Guy is then launched into his position on top of the bonfire, torches are thrown onto the fire and within moments the flames are reaching far into the air, and smoke billowing everywhere.

With an announcement of the fireworks by a local person in his broad Norfolk accent, we watched with delight at the array of spectacular fireworks and this great display that the villagers have so proudly put together and has been going strong for so many years.

The event is free although collections throughout the evening, goes towards the next years fireworks and to local charities such as coal for the pensioners.

By Sue Lee - 05/11/13