West Runton Beach

Published: Tuesday 26th Nov 2013

Whose idea was it to get up early last Sunday morning to meet friends on the beach, with the dogs in tow, for a ‘wake up’ walk? Not mine surely! I left the house, with the faint waft of bacon cooking from the kitchen, at 9am – who knew that there was such a time as 9am on a Sunday?

Teddy, our Staffie, was meeting his dog buddies, Nigella and Floyd (don’t ask) in the car park at West Runton Beach. A beautiful beach at any time of the year but perfect in November when only the diehard dog walkers and fools are up and about.

The tide quite high on the outward journey so walking along the pebbles and rocks was a little tricky. Lots of seaweed had been washed up due to the strong winds which continued to whip across our faces, the only part of our bodies open to the elements. The cliffs looked rugged and craggy and actually in danger of collapsing in a few areas but this added to the atmosphere.

The homeward journey was a little more hazardous. We decided the tide had gone far out enough to brave walking along the sand to give the dogs a really good run. Fine for a few hundred yards or so but treacherously deep at one point when Teddy suddenly dropped into a sea puddle and began to panic.

Staffie’s are not as tough as we are all led to believe. I waded in to help but found one gum boot leaked and had to finish the walk with a sulky dog and cold, wet foot. It certainly woke us up!!!

By Alison Buck - 26/11/13