Wild Weather In Norfolk!

Published: Saturday 12th Oct 2013

Fantastic wild and windy weather in Norfolk yesterday. 

Did my favourite circular walk with my dogs – Parked up at Salthouse Heath, then crossed the road into Kelling Heath until reached the Poppy Line.  No trains to be seen or heard today - lots of leaves on the line!  Followed the railway line until reached Weybourne station to use the facilities (Thomas Crapper loos and Coal Tar soap) before I continued on the road into Weybourne village.  A lovely much needed warming coffee stop at the village stores.  Managed to resist the homemade cakes.  Muckleburgh heath & hill was my next stop.  Great views over the fields to the sea from the top.  It was midday and high tide - huge breakers were hitting the shore.  No fishing today!  Decided to walk back through the woods of Salthouse & Kelling Heath – lots of pheasants hiding in the bracken disturbed by the dogs and much climbing over fallen branches.  Finally arrived back at my car after two hours with wild hair and rosy cheeks, but feeling good.  Just a short drive along the coast road to the Art Café at Glandford for a delicious bowl of homemade soup ……. and cake. Yum.

ByAnnabel Roff