My Secret Place

Published: Tuesday 22nd Oct 2013

My Secret Place.  It’s mine.  All mine…..

“Do you want to know a secret?  Do you promise not to tell?  Come closer, let me whisper in your ear…….” (The Beatles, for those of you too young to know!)

Norfolk is full of secret places, little gems, that you often discover by mistake and sometimes, if you are lucky, kind and generous people will tell you theirs.  My secret place is not far from where I live in Fakenham.  I go there most weeks; my dogs love it and so do I.  It’s a little pocket of peace, sandwiched between a busy road and a sleepy village, and only takes about 45 minutes to walk around.  But it usually takes me longer; I want to stop and stare, and drink in its calm beauty, and watch the changing seasons.

Some kind like-minded soul has even created a seat  (with footstool!) from an old tree trunk, placed up on the hill so that you can survey the beauty below – a place to watch, listen, contemplate nature and life, and maybe your navel. It’s cared for quietly and calmly by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, a wonderful organisation that cherishes Norfolk’s wild places, just like we do.

My secret place is full of flora and fauna; home to natterjack toads, adders, linnet, woodlark, yellow hammers and great crested newts and I have seen deer, both muntjack and roe, as well as butterflies and moths galore.  Norfolk is not all coast, Broads and designer shops (don’t get me wrong I love those too!) but there is much to discover inland (check out our Countryside and Villages properties).  And it’s certainly not all flat, Mr Coward!

Oh! no, my secret is out.  Why don’t you share your secret? After all, it’s good to share.

ByAnnabel Roff - 22/10/13