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Happy Halloween

Written by Laura Foster on

Halloween Pumpkin

So it’s Halloween!!!!!!

I, like most people every year love to go out and see if I can find the biggest, most perfect shape / colour pumpkin, bring it home, sit it on the kitchen table, then armed with a marker pen, scissors, screwdriver, and every item out of my cutlery drawer I struggle to decide what I can do to make this pumpkin even better and more scarier than last year’s failed attempt. Finally after a good hour of blood, sweat and tears, wondering why did I buy the biggest one I could find! I realise I am sitting in front of the same carved pumpkin I did last year and every year before that…. with its diamond shape eyes, triangular nose and a number of fangs, two of which I always ingeniously use the extra pieces with the help of a couple of cocktail sticks and attach to the top of the pumpkin to make it look like a devil with horns. Very scary! Although to be honest everyone seems to tell me it makes it cuter and just looks like it has ears, not really what I was hoping for!

Anyway it’s all good fun and I’m sure next year I will remember to buy a smaller pumpkin and carve something completely different. Any ideas, please let me know!

Happy Halloween everyone, have fun and stay safe.


Laura Foster

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