Fun At Stiffkey

Published: Wednesday 3rd Sep 2014

Written by: Laura Foster

Having lived all my life in Norfolk it is hard to choose one particular place. However Stiffkey on the North Norfolk coast holds many happy memories for me and I’m still adding to them now.

Gillying is a must in this area and is so much fun for the whole family, the crabs are very obliging happy to be caught then set free all summer long. The huge horizons and vast open expanse of saltmarshes is the perfect place to walk the dog and explore an area of natural beauty. Although you do need to check the daily tide time tables as the marshes flood each day, cockleing is a very rewarding activity as you can enjoy your collection of famous “Stewkey Blues” (known as by the locals) for your dinner. They are given the name of Stewkey Blue as they are stained blue from the mud they live in.

From July to October the look of the salt marshes completely changes and become a blanket of purple from the flowering sea lavender. Another amazing sight from late September in the sky will be the thousands of pink footed geese migrating. I have seen this spectacular sight every year and it still takes my breath away.

You also have the option of walking or cycling along the coastal path, east to Morston & Blakeney or west to Wells-Next-The-Sea & Holkham. You can enjoy the calm, peaceful sights and sounds until you decide you can’t walk any further then just hop on the very reliable coasthopper bus back to where you started. If in Stiffkey I would recommend ending the day in the very traditional Norfolk Pub, The Red Lion.

Laura Foster
Laura Foster


Enjoys running, cycling, going to the theatre and supporting Norwich City Football Club.


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